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Some Munds Park Cabin Owners Struggle to Insure Their Property

Munds Park, a scenic slice of Arizona known for its natural beauty, offers Mundsies a lifestyle steeped in the great outdoors. However, such beauty comes at a price - the threat of wildfires looms large over the region, even with heavy snowfall, leaving cabin owners vulnerable to the whims of nature and man-made disasters. As if that wasn’t enough, the challenge of finding affordable homeowners’ insurance policies has left many cabin owners in the wind.

Joe Dfeiff, a local Mundsie, recently received a jolt when Farmer’s Insurance informed him that his homeowners’ policy would not be renewed due to the high fire risk. Joe felt it was important to spread the word and contacted the Pinewood News to follow up. Subsequently, we reached out to several other community members in Park, including Bill Spain, Dick Drinen, and Fire Chief Josh Tope, all of whom confirmed that the issue was widespread in the region.

Our quest for answers led us to Lee Music, a Farmers Insurance agent in Flagstaff, who shed some light on the matter. According to Lee, insurance companies nationwide are grappling with the soaring costs of claims arising from an abundance of natural and man-made disasters over the last few years. The payments from a single policyholder spread over a lifetime doesn’t come close to covering the cost of rebuilding their home that has been razed to the ground by a wildfire. Further, the financial burden on insurance companies is compounded when entire regions are affected, such as the recent wildfires in California and Flagstaff.

As a result, insurance companies have become more cautious when it comes to offering coverage in high-risk areas like Munds Park. Some insurance providers may decline coverage for new policies, limit coverage, or charge higher premiums to account for the increased risk. This has made it challenging for cabin owners in the area to find affordable homeowners’ insurance policies.

But all is not lost, as cabin owners can take proactive steps to mitigate risk and increase their chances of securing coverage. Installing fire-resistant materials, creating defensible space around the home, and implementing a fire safety plan can demonstrate to insurers that the homeowner is taking precautions to reduce the risk of fire damage. Additionally, shopping around and contacting multiple insurance companies to compare coverage and rates is recommended. Independent insurance agents can help find policies that cater to high-risk areas.

Before purchasing any insurance policy, it’s essential to research the specific requirements and limitations. Lee Music advises homeowners in high-risk fire areas to stick with their current insurer if their coverage is good. Switching to another company that may not renew the policy due to fire risk can result in difficulty getting picked back up by the old insurance company or result in a higher bill.

In conclusion, living in high-risk areas like Munds Park presents unique challenges in finding affordable homeowners insurance. However, by taking steps to mitigate risk and shopping around, cabin owners can increase their chances of finding affordable coverage.

Taking proactive measures to mitigate risk is crucial. One such measure is maintaining our community’s Firewise status, which requires the participation of all property owners. To keep our Firewise status, property owners should participate in the Bear Jaw clean-up efforts, which are happening now. It’s important to clean up all green waste, and trim trees to create a defensible space around your home helping to reduce the risk of fire damage to your property. Also, by logging the hours spent cleaning your yard with the Pinewood Fire Department, whether you did it yourself or hired someone to do it, you are helping maintain the community’s Firewise status. If you’re looking for information on the Bear Jaw clean-up efforts, look no further than We’ve got everything you need to know about participating in this important community initiative right at your fingertips.

Simply navigate to the Bear Jaw tab on our website, and you’ll find all the necessary information to get started. We’ve even compiled a list of excellent landscapers and tree trimmers that can assist if desired.

And to make things even more convenient, we’ve included a link to the Pinewood Fire District at the bottom of the page, where you can easily log your clean-up hours.

By working together and taking proactive measures, cabin owners in Munds Park can help reduce the risk of fire damage and maintain the community’s Firewise status. While finding affordable homeowners’ insurance policies may be a challenge, taking these steps can help increase the chances of securing coverage and ensure the safety of our community and our homes.


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