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PPOA - Pinewood Property Owners Association

Notes from the Community Annual Meeting

PPOA Projects Completed 2022-23

Two new fire danger signs were installed on Pinewood Blvd. Green and white house numbers were purchased for the Fire Department. We acquired a new flag for the Post Office and Memorial Garden, and provided Epi-pens and tourniquets for the Bear Jaw Crew. Breakfast and lunch were purchased from Agee’s and Kota’s as a token of gratitude for the Bear Jaw Crew’s efforts. Additionally, we provided grants to Arizona Children’s Theater and the Munds Park Business Alliance Christmas Lights Festival.

Future Plans

Our future plans include a proposed partnership with the Pinewood Country Club to establish a new basketball court accessible to all residents. This project aims to replace the current court, which might be removed (not yet confirmed) due to the construction of a new fire station. By partnering with the Country Club, we can ensure continued access to a recreational space for basketball enthusiasts, even if the existing court is removed.

Report Potholes

To report potholes, notify the PPOA at Alternatively, you may contact Coconino County Public Works here. Your vigilance in reporting road hazards helps to ensure the safety and maintenance of our community streets. Together, let’s keep our roads smooth and free from pothole-related concerns.

Deputy Curtis Perry, Sheriff’s Department Update

Deputy Curtis Perry, our community deputy, acknowledges that they are facing staffing shortages and resource limitations. Despite these challenges, Deputy Perry reassures Munds Park residents that the Sheriff’s Department is making every effort to maintain a safe and secure community. He personally ensures he visits the area during each shift.

During the summer, the department plans to implement targeted enforcement to crack down on speeding and driving under the influence. They are also actively working on establishing a specialized ATV unit to patrol and address ATV traffic and violations.

Crime Rate

Deputy Perry also discussed the crime rate in Munds Park, highlighting a recent break-in incident at the REMAX office involving a suspect experiencing a mental health episode. The individual was subsequently taken into custody. For the period of January to June 2023, the crime statistics are as follows:

Traffic Incidents 5 • Disorderly Conduct 2 • Aggravated Assault 2 • Theft 5 • DUI 1 • Shoplifting 1 • Vandalism 4 • Fraud/Forgery 1 • Assault/Simple 2 • Residential Burglary 2 • Commercial Robbery 1 • All other non Criminal 12 • All other Criminal 1

The Pinewood News asked if the growth of STRs in the Park is increasing the number of calls they receive, and Deputy Perry replied, “Absolutely.”

Noise Disturbances

Deputy Perry acknowledged residents’ frustrations regarding noise disturbances from Airbnb properties and weekender’s. He explained that without a county noise ordinance, they rely on the state statute of disturbing the peace, which requires a ‘victim’ to make a complaint to the sheriff’s dept. He encourages residents to report loud disturbances, especially late at night, and underscored the need for community members to identify themselves and lodge a formal complaint for effective enforcement.

Illegal Campfires

When community members inquired about the appropriate actions to take when encountering illegal campfires in the forest, Deputy Perry advised them to promptly report such incidents by calling the Coconino National Forest Dispatch Center at 928-527-3552 or the Coconino County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 928-774-4523, extension 1. When reporting, it’s essential to provide your name and phone number in case they need to call you back to clarify the location.

Parking for Big Parties

A resident asked about parking regulations during special events, and Deputy Perry advised them to contact the sheriff’s office to alert them of parking arrangements in advance.

Josh Tope, Fire Chief for Pinewood Fire Department

Fire Chief Josh expressed excitement as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the fire district and the significant milestone of constructing a new firehouse. Last year, the fire district successfully passed a bond with an impressive 70% approval rating, enabling the rebuilding of the station. The implementation of a design-build process led to the hiring of Willmeng Construction and Perlman Architects. Contracts are currently in the drafting stage and pending review by attorneys. The design phase is slated to commence by November, with a planned groundbreaking ceremony scheduled between January and March. The fire district aims to complete the construction project in 10 to 12 months, with the target completion date set between November 2023 and January 2024. Fire Chief Josh expressed heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming community support, instrumental in making this project a reality.

Bill Spain, Board Chair for the Pinewood Sanitary District

Bill Spain addressed the pressing issues confronting the community’s aging infrastructure. Openly and candidly, Spain underscored the critical need for support in the upcoming bond vote, set for November 7, to effectively tackle these challenges.

One of the most significant issues the Sanitary District faces is the 41 miles of leaking collection lines. This alarming problem has led to environmental violations, with potential for heavy fines and intervention from regulatory authorities. Given the infrastructure’s age and inability to handle excessive water flow during heavy runoff, immediate attention is imperative.

To counter these challenges and secure the long-term viability of the community’s sewer infrastructure, the Sanitary District is urging support for their forthcoming bond vote. The proposed bond seeks to secure up to $15 million in funding, which will be allocated to crucial repairs and upgrades. By approving the bond, residents can ensure the proper functioning of our sewer systems and safeguard our environment.

During his address, Spain stressed transparency and pledged to keep the public informed. He promised regular updates in the Pinewood News regarding the bond vote progress and urged residents’ active involvement. By attending board meetings and staying informed, residents can play a crucial role in equipping the Sanitary District to meet a growing population’s needs and uphold high living standards.

Spain drew attention to the Pinewood News article from June 15, “Flushed In Dispute,” which illuminated Inspire Community’s and Shuster Company’s refusal to pay their bill. In the case of Inspire Community, they also are attempting to reduce their Operation and Maintenance fees by over half. He assured the audience not to worry, affirming that the Pinewood Sanitary District will prevail in their case, and these multimillion-dollar companies will pay their due bills and fair share. The audience cheered in response!

You can read the latest article here.

Rick Schmidgall, Pinewood Country Club board president

Rick took the floor to discuss the current state and future plans of the Pinewood Country Club. Expressing gratitude for being a part of the community, he emphasized the importance of the upcoming bond vote for the Pinewood Sanitary District, which he considers essential for the club.

Rick highlighted recent renovations at the country club, noting significant investments to enhance facilities and increase appeal. However, he recognized certain areas still needing improvement. The management plans to address these issues to create a more enjoyable experience for members and guests.

Rick stressed that despite its private nature, the Pinewood Country Club views itself as an integral part of the wider community, committed to positive contribution. He outlined several initiatives, such as the possible addition of multiple picnic areas and a playground for public use.

In response to audience questions, Rick debunked rumors about plans to replace basketball courts with pickleball courts.

Finally, Rick address underscored the Pinewood Country Club’s dedication to enhancing its amenities while actively contributing to and supporting the wider community.

In conclusion, the meeting was packed with updates, discussions, and dialogue, addressing many concerns and laying out plans for the future. The board members of the Pinewood Property Owners Association, are excited to continue the work of ensuring a beautiful, thriving community. Your participation, feedback, and contributions are highly appreciated.


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