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Just give me one more week: A sobering lesson in estate planning

Wise estate planning ensures peace of mind for generations.
Wise estate planning ensures peace of mind for generations.

In the peaceful community of Munds Park, a somber tale unfolded—a reminder of the importance of timely action in estate planning. It began with a client facing declining health, prompting the need for a trust. With family dynamics to consider, the situation required careful navigation to ensure fair asset distribution. A long-time Munds Park owner, Attorney Troy Froderman was asked to help get everything in order. Due to health issues, Troy would need to act fast.

Following a thorough consultation, Troy drafted a revocable living trust tailored to protect the estate from potential turmoil. However, when it came time for signatures, a hesitation arose. The client was struggling because he knew what he should do, but also felt the pangs of protecting certain family members from their own difficulties. “Many families have situations where showering someone with cash may actually cause them greater harm,” Froderman explained. “This was just that sort of situation but my client had some real heartache over this reality causing him to hesitate. He asked for more time.”

Tragically, within days, fate intervened—the client passed away, leaving behind a legacy mired in disarray. Now his estate is in probate court. Probate is expensive, subject to long delays, and charred with no certainty that the client’s wishes will be honored.

For Froderman, this experience underscored the imperative of proactive preparation. He advocates for timely action in estate planning, urging residents of Munds Park to consider the following benefits of a revocable living trust:

Probate Avoidance

Establishing a trust circumvents the cumbersome probate process, ensuring efficient asset transfer to designated beneficiaries.

Family Harmony

Proactive planning allows for the mitigation of potential conflicts, ensuring fair and equitable distribution of assets according to the client’s wishes.

Cost Savings

By sidestepping probate, families can avoid significant legal fees and expenses associated with prolonged court proceedings.

Privacy Preservation

Trusts offer a confidential alternative to probate, shielding the estate from public scrutiny.

The lesson is clear—do not delay in securing your legacy. Act now to protect your assets and ensure peace of mind for your loved ones. The consequences of procrastination in estate planning can be far-reaching, but with timely action, you can safeguard your family’s future.

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