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HO-HO-HO Santa Came to Town!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Kids! An exclusive interview with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus!

We at the Pinewood News were lucky enough to sneak a few moments with Mr. and Mrs. Claus after their headline appearance at the annual Santa’s Visit right here in Munds Park!

Santa’s Visit to the Pinewood Fire Department has been a tradition enjoyed by Mundsies since before 1993. This year was just as memorable despite COVID-19 restrictions.


Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus!

Sandee Caviness: Hello Santa & Mrs. Claus! Thank you for finding the time to give this interview. We know it’s a very busy and fun time of the year for you!

Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho! Yes, Christmas is busy and our elves are hard at work, but we always have time for our friends in Munds Park!

Sandee: Thank you Santa! It is always special when you visit. I understand that Engineer Devon Liggett, one of the Pinewood Firemen, drove you around the Park in old Engine 41. Did you enjoy riding in the fire truck?

Santa: Yes! Mrs. Claus loves that the fire truck is red! Ho, ho, ho!

Sandee: That does sound like fun! How did Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen feel about you riding in the fire truck rather than the sleigh?

Santa: Oh, they were fine with it! They need to eat lots of carrots, rest, and build their strength for the big ride on Christmas Eve.

Sandee: Santa, you have visited Munds Park for many years at the Pinewood Fire Department. Is this because Munds Park doesn’t have a mall?

Santa: Why yes, it is. However, I have to say, the fire station is my most favorite place to visit. It’s been a long tradition and the fire station allows Mrs. Claus and me to spend more time with the kids and their families.

Of course, this year was different, but we still were able to celebrate the season together.

Sandee: Santa, what is your favorite part about visiting kids in Munds Park?

Santa: Oh, I love the look on the kid’s faces when they see us! They are happy and bouncy and full of joy! Also, the people of Munds Park are extraordinary and even magical some would say! Something about a small-town that brings a close connection between families and neighbors. Everyone is eager to help one another.

Sandee: I know lots of people feel the same way, Santa. Ok, next question. Have any of the kids pulled your beard?

Santa: Ho, ho, ho! No, not yet! Just lots of hugs around the legs.

Sandee: That’s sweet. A hug around the legs is a lot better than a tug on the beard! What is the funniest thing a child in Munds Park asked for Christmas?

Santa: Oh, that is easy! One time a little boy asked for a can of black beans! Ho, ho, ho!

Sandee: Black beans? Hahaha! Ok, Santa. I have a very serious question.

Santa: Yes?

Sandee: Is it true you have a naughty and a nice list?

Santa: Yes, it’s true. We make a list every year and we check it twice to see who is naughty or who is nice!

Sandee: Oh boy! Any words of advice on how to stay on the nice list?

Santa: Yes, there are lots of ways to stay on the nice list. The general rule for kids is to respect and help their parents, do their chores and homework with their best effort, and always be kind. These simple but important rules will always keep kids on the nice list!

Remember, I see you when you’re sleeping, I know when you’re awake, I know if you’ve been bad or good. So be good, for goodness sake!

Sandee: Yes! Yes! Be good! Santa, kids and adults all love getting gifts from you, but we also know that giving as well as receiving brings joy. What do you tell kids about giving?

Santa: We all know how great it feels to receive gifts, but the magic of giving, now that’s the best feeling of all. Our hearts fill with joy when we make others happy and this joy lasts a long time.

Do you remember the last time you gave a gift? Maybe it was a picture you drew in school and gave it to your Mom or Dad, or you gave a friend a toy you no longer used or even shared a piece of candy. Do you remember how you felt? It’s that feeling of sharing that brings happiness.

This is why I am so jolly! Ho, ho, ho!

Sandee: That’s a wonderful lesson Santa. Thank you and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Kids! It’s not too late to write to Santa!

His address:

Santa Claus

123 Elf Road

North Pole 88888

Want to track Santa on Christmas Eve?

NORAD, The North American Aerospace Defense Command, will follow Santa on December 24 as he flies from the North Pole to visit children’s houses worldwide! Check out the site at

Google also has a Santa Tracker complete with games. Visit them at


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