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Pinewood Fire District Campfire Permit & Guidelines

Campfire Guidelines

The following regulations regarding open burning as a warming and/or cooking fire must be followed whenever such a fire is constructed or employed:

  • Campfires within Munds Park, must be permitted by the Pinewood Fire District. Permits can be obtained by visiting the fire station at 475 E Pinewood Blvd, or apply online at here.

  • Fires are only permitted on days when there are no burning restrictions in place.

    • “Red Flag” days and Coconino County fire restriction days will be strictly enforced.

    • Information on open burning days can be found on the PFD webpage at Look for the red banner at the top of the page for burn day notices.

Fire containment and prevention of spread:

  • All fires must be contained within a “fire ring” constructed of non-combustible materials, not exceeding 3 feet in diameter. Debris should be cleared down to mineral soil within the fire ring, with a minimum cleared area of 3 feet in all directions from the fire ring. Firewood should be stored outside of this cleared area (please refer to the illustration).

  • There should be no overhanging branches or structures within 12 feet of the fire ring.

  • A charged garden hose and shovel must be located within 20 feet of the fire ring at all times while the campfire is burning (please refer to the illustration).

  • Campfires must not be left unattended at any time and must be fully extinguished once they are no longer being used as a warming or cooking fire.

In the event of uncontrolled fire growth or dangerous conditions while using this campfire permit, you must immediately call 911 to report the emergency and ensure a prompt response!

Have fun and be responsible with fire!


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