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SURVEY-Munds Park growth

The Pinewood News took an informal survey asking the Munds Park community their thoughts on Airbnb, short-term cabin rentals, and RV park expansions.

Over 400 neighbors responded to our survey. 100% of all Responses are below.

What concerns you the most about "current" Airbnb and short-term cabin rentals in Munds Park?

  1. Property maintenance issues. 2.2%

  2. Decreased property value because of increased renter populations. 1.2%

  3. Revolving door of strangers is a concern. 7.5%

  4. Extra noise from "party" cabins. 9.5%

  5. All of the above. 51.2%

  6. Nothing concerns me. I believe in the property rights of the owner. 26.1%

  7. Other 2.2%

Comments to the Above Questions

"Noise and revolving strangers"


"The people renting do not appreciate the forest. They come and they trash this place (literally). They walk in large groups in the middle of the street so you can't drive anywhere. The noise is definitely always an issue. They think no one lives here full time so they can party on, yet I have to get up early to work. A lot of the homes are being scooped up quick with cash offers from people from california specifically buying only to rent/airbnb. Which makes it difficult for the people who live here full time and want to buy houses here. "

"Increased traffic & speeding."

"thier lack of respect for the community. Not all but on a few occasions cars in the street, dogs loose and over full trash bins allowing trash to blow out."

"Why is there an assumption there is a negative? Some of rental neighbors take better care and are more conscientious about their homes than full time or second home owners"

"Renters turn into buyers, which drives our prices higher"

What concerns you the most about "additional" RV park and short-term cabin rentals being built in Munds Park?

  1. Additional noise pollution. 1.0%

  2. Additional traffic. 6.5%

  3. Additional light pollution. 0.0%

  4. The negative affects of increased population on wildlife. 1.0%

  5. Renters may not respect the forest the way homeowners will. 6.0%

  6. Lack of "community spirit and involvement" by non-land owners. 2.5%

  7. Fear Munds Park will become a tourist resort and lower the quality of living for people who call the Park home year round. 2.8%

  8. All of the above. 56.9%

  9. Nothing concerns me. I beleive in the property rights of the owner. 20.1%

  10. Other 3.3%

Comments to the Above Questions

"All of the above except the one about renters. "

"As a RV owner, if I didn't own a place up in Munds, it would be nice to have RV Resort to stop @ for a few nights or weeks while traveling. As for people staying in the winter, not going to happen. "


"There is a certain amount of inevitability to the development of all the vacant land. It's not a sure thing, but highly probable that the land will be developed. My greatest concern is how will current community members respond to the newcomers? What makes Munds Park special is not just the fewer number of people but the welcoming attitude and intentional effort we make to be inclusive and make people feel welcome. Then, how will these efforts be received by the newcomers and short-timers?"

"Noise and light pollution, plus increased traffic along i17 and forest traffic. "

"Noise of off road vehicles. Impact on wildlife. "

"The impact on site-built real estate"

"It'll improve the community by having some variety of people"

"Again, why the negative spin. If development is going to happen why not work together to make it as positive for the community as possible instead of a us vs. them scenario "

"RV parks tend to decrease value of surrounding homes. Too many additional people in a small area as well"

"WiFi and century link being able to keep up with more people/homes. "

"I worry that the couple small businesses that help make full time living will be over-loaded and unable to give the same services to the full time residents. "

Landowners have the right to develop their land & rent their properties. With that in mind, what steps can developers and Airbnb Hosts take to help alleviate the unintended consequences that may come from renting their properties?

  1. Chip in and pay for attractive PSA signage to spread throughout the park to remind visitors to: Pack it in & pack it out, don't feed the wildlife, Keep on the trails, Only you can prevent forest fires, etc. 13.6%

  2. Help lobby to increase police presence. 3.9%

  3. Help lobby to increase US Forest Ranger patrol. 4.6%

  4. Help lobby more involvement with Community Watch. 3.9%

  5. All of the above. 60.2%

  6. Other 13.9%

Comments to the Above Questions

"What unintended consequences? This is a ridiculous question. "

"I feel as though all of these things could be the responsibility of every homeowner, not just Airbnb hosts. "

"Help provide information of what other restaurants, recreation and maybe even fog parks would help increase job sources for us locals. What do their renters want to see more of in this town. "

"Be a good neighbor. Set quiet reasonable rules, make sure you have enough trash cans. "

"No. Aribnb does nothing to improve the community. "

"Limit the number of guests who can stay at a property based on square footage and number of rooms. Provide contact info. to surrounding cabins if issues arise that need to be addressed. Develop a monitoring system to keep track of renter’s behaviors so they can not come back if they do not respect the property/MP community & instill quiet hours beginning at 10pm."

"take measures to educate and screen renters and tenants."


"Stiff financial penalties for violating existing laws and ordinances. The landowners should be responsible to pay hefty fines for violations. They, in turn should pass them along to the responsible parties who signed their lease agreement."

"Keep a better eye on who they rent to as so many are loud and obnoxious leaving trash out and racing their atvs through the area and don’t respect dark skies"

"To all the owners of short term rentals: YOUR NEIGHBORS HATE YOU. No more signs. They don't work. "

"Impose rules such as require trash service for renters and quiet periods. Restrict party cabins that cater to large groups. Limit renters to a single family or smaller groups. Educate renters about fire restrictions. "

"Go ruin some other community."

"Stricter rules for Airbnb and rental owner of properties through the county. Education for renters of the rules and regulations "

"The demand for short term rentals is what has raised the value of all those shanties in town with their Trump flags"

"Implement and enforce strong rules and capacity limits. Including leash laws, trash disposal, no burn clarification and ATV courtesy."

"This is a very one sided question "

"Home owners actively involved in the rental process & a willingness to be contacted w problems/issues w their renters & address the issues. "

"Add commercial services and business opportunities"

"The town is desolate during the winter. Maybe with short term visitors business will stay open year long benefiting everyone. "

"Pay for adequate waste removal services"

"Learn and educate their guests and renters. Make sure they understand quiet and light rules. To be respectful of full timers and noise noise noise "

"Post a number to call if there are issues"

"Need to think about, see drawbacks to all those choices. "

"Limit the number of rentals your place allows each year. "

"Live in or sell it to private owner who want and can afford a second home in Munds Park!"

"I believe Munds Park is zoned residential rather than commercial. AirBnB’s are commercial businesses. If the business could be unobtrusive to its neighbors you wouldn’t be running this survey."

"I’m not sure why these things should specifically fall on developers and Airbnb. "

"It should be everyone not just land developers and hosts"

"Limit the # of times a unit is rented in a month. I hate that at least bi-monthly I end up picking up trash from my neighbors who ARBNB several renters a week not only from the road, my yard, and surrounding neighbors yards, land owners.. a vested interest in maintaining what is valued most up here, privacy, peace and quiet, limited # of rental units. I moved here for a life style change, to get away from the congestion, breathe fresh air. Live in a space that is not commercialized

"The second home “homeowners” I know work very hard to give back to the community and support our Munds Park businesses "

"As an Airbnb owner I am very involved in the community as I stay here often and I do nothing but support the locals businesses and services every chance I get. I am a responsible owner and strive to make the community better and never have any issues with renters. If full time residents have issues maybe they should come to us for assistance as we love the community and not make baseless complaints due to minor inconveniences. Airbnb revenue supports all local businesses and local business services and would all dry up without the help of Airbnb. "

"This is so negative. It’s ok for new people to come to Munds and improve it. Treating tourists like this is disrespectful. It’s this hermit type attitude that keeps communities stuck in the dark ages for decades."

"I think that Airbnb and vrbo owners are just as engaged as WE are homeowners."

"Post in the paper rules of forest and private property laws and PSA’s. And get paper to everyone. Pinewood news to all air n b and overnighters "

"The property owners that choose to rent short term or long term should be required to pay a few percentage points to the fire department. This will help fund the additional equipment and training needed to support the influx of people and potential services needed."

"Educate their renters"

"Code of conduct for renters and penalties for flouting that code. We have had noise issues with nearby vrbo houses. Definitely affects our quality of time at our cabin."

"We need more resources to support all the people, grocery options would be nice!"

"Lower density plan of residential homes."

"Be sure they are responsible in their management and relationships with neighbors. There are many good examples "

I want Munds Park to be?

  • A resort town that caters to travelers. 0.7%

  • A home town driven by a local community. 59.2%

  • Both. 37.1%

  • Other 3.0%

Comments to the Above Questions

"Leave Munds Park Alone. There is zero infrastructure to accommodate additional resort atmosphere. Its to busy already. "


"I want it to be what it is right now. A lot of the homes would be empty half the year because of the amount of people that have a home there as a second home. It has a sense of community and also is a great place for visitors to experience it. The property value has doubled and that is a good thing for everyone and it’s because of the short term rentals. Most could not afford a second home without the offset of costs with renting it out. "

"The same small community that isn't over crowded and overloaded with amenities. "

"A small rural town driven by homeowners"

"A community that’s NOT divided; I’m saddened by the full time V. Part-time mentality. "

"A nice quiet community. The hidden sweet place it has always been "

"A location to get away from the Arizona heat without all of the added traffic. "

"A home town and a second/vacation home town"

"A small town feel with respect and support of one another"

"Prosperous community with services that cater to the 21st century."

We would like to hear from you. Please add suggestions or comments.

"This is an example of a media source, in this case Pinewood News, creating an issue where one does not exist. Why put out a survey like this? It only seems to stir the pot and further the divide between property owners who rent their properties vs those who don’t. I believe that most property owners who rent their homes also love the community. How about a survey that asks property owners who don’t rent their homes how they can best support those who do. Especially because those who do, support the community way more than those who don’t. "

"We should welcome the visitors. They drive our economy"

"We own 2 properties in munds one we rent one we do not. Responsible owners do their background checks on renters, we’ve only had a hand full of bad ones in 5 years"

"We understand that change is inevitable. Let's make it change that is positive and non-evasive so that those of us who own and truly love our community can continue to be comfortable, safe and content w/in the change. "

"This questionnaire come across as very biased against homeowners who rent their properties out. I feel as though the people who run the pinewood news have an unfair negative view about STR’s. It is statically proven that STR owners help to increase property values in the area because they maintain their homes better than most. Additionally, they bring revenue to the area by employing local cleaners, tradesmen, etc. Furthermore, the guests (renters) dine at all of the local restaurants which brings in more revenue to the locals. Most of the homes in Munds Park sit vacant year round and those homeowners do not contribute to the community at all. Owners of STR’s consider Munds to be their community too and they value it as such. I would love to see a questionnaire that is weighted more fairly. It would be nice to resolve the conflict and bridge the gap between STR owners and non-STR owners. Sadly, this questionnaire does the opposite of that. "

"We love this community, which is why we bought a home here. Yes we do rent out our home, but we also enjoy it as a home owner. We do our best to make sure that we have respectable renters. We always support local businesses and donate for charity purpose etc"

"The only positive thing from the RV expansion, if it happens, is the possible general store, depending on it’s size. It needs to be large enough to carry the items Shell and Chevron don’t have. Because in all honesty, Shell and Chevron have almost all the essentials you need or want, or f they don’t sell out of it "

"Reduce availability to Razor and ATV trails, To reduce destruction of forest and noise levels in the forest and in the community. Reduce public access to forest roads to Munds Park residents if possible. "

"We all want access to more amenities but to support them you need more people/traffic which is a very high price to pay. The roads in Munds Park and forest Service roads are already busy. "

"Wish we didn't have a atv rental place here in the park. We have enough tearing up the park etc as it is. Wish something could be done about the old wood's. Such a eye sore "

"Thank you for doing this , the community is starting to grow and definitely has so issues on its direction,, your fine local paper keeps everyone up to date."

"Don't destroy the community by adding more weekend rental. You will force out real owners. If the market turns and it will, investors will lose value and walk."

"My concern is about the consequences of such an action. Especially water, sewage, and everything else. Thank you goodbye. They’re all fake"

"Safety first create an inter structure to protect people who live here from the disrespectful campers BnB . The fire danger increases Atv. Screaming down the road. People who do not live here are very disrespectful of our safety. It’s as if they enjoy trashing the place. The amount of trash we picked up from disrespectful campers was disgusting home depo buckets full of shit. Yes human shit. They left for us to pick up. Do you really want that? "

"All the razors, quads, etc racing up and down our quiet sts and tearing up of the 240. I almost got wiped out by a razor barreling down the 240 coming at me sideways with no where to go. Also, since more aBnb crime has been rising"

"It is amazing to me to see so much trash and debris in the forest after campers leave. I think we need to increase the fines/penalties and make them extremely steep. I would also recommend adding cameras in the forests to witness wildlife beauty and to assist in proving those who polluting our beautiful land."

"Love the survey idea. Could you also post a survey about the potential new RV Park. Would love to see the total yay to nay on that!"

"Keep Munds Park the small quaint community it has been!!!!!"

"I feel that all owners of rental properties, should become members of the Country club, so that their guests for a small weekly fee could enjoy the eminities of the Country club. The Country club is what is holding the property values. "

"Too many short rentals in a neighborhood definitely take away from feeling like we’re living in a community. People coming n going dragging one ATV after another is just not safe on our streets. We need noise n speed regulations. "

"I do believe in property rights but it has gotten so bad with all the short term rentals that MP is losing the rural feeling it’s had in the past "

"Seems like a few are driving the negative synergy. The same people opposed to the equipment barn are opposed to any development. One of the key opponents doesn't even own property in MP. As I understand, she also works for the MP RV Park and opposes the new one. Seems like a conflict to me. "

"Airbnb and summer RV and small house residents don't have the same investment as full time residents. They make life difficult and dangerous for full time residents."

"There needs to be a balance between the rentals and the full time owners. Having rentals up here is fine, but full-time residence should be a higher percentage than rentals. It seems like the full-time residence respect the forests more then people that just come up to play."

"Our cabin has been used by 4 generations of our family and we hope it keeps its homey atmosphere. We don’t want it to become too “touristy.”"

"There is also concerned about the infrastructure of Munds to support this growth. Water, sewer, caring for forest, etc."

"Most concerned is the renters trashing the land and wildlife + tons of renters will turn Munds into vacation/party town and will lower home values in the long run"

"Have respect for those that live here. We work and have families. This is not a party stop off. This is our home. "

"My family has owned in Pinewood/Munds Park contiually since 1980. If people didn't want change it should have remained Pinewood. There were CC&R's, nothing now."

"My neighbor has a Air BnB. She is very diligent and started a FB page for owners so they can post renters who were off issue. Things like that is what is needed."

"Our town infrastructure can’t handle the increase in population from part timers and renters. Weekends are crowded, late night parties, don’t obey speed limits in the park and out in the forest. They dump their trash in other peoples trash cans and or overflow trash cans the wild life get into and spread trash every where and others have to cleanup. People dump trash and pine needles in the forest that we full timers clean up. Its becoming a no care attitude during the summer months. Traffic is terrible and ATVs and Side by Sides racing all over the streets all hours of the day and night. Part timers and renters have lost respect for our little community. People are rude when you confront them about speeding, partying late night, dumping trash etc. I’ve been told several times to f... off. It is getting out of control and we don’t get the sheriff support needed. I’ve also had people snooping around on my property, been in my fenced back yard, tried getting into cars and garage."

"There are more than enough homes in Munds Park that sit empty for most of the year. We do NOT need to Phoenix/California Munds Park, because Flagstaff is already having the same thing done to it. Munds Park does NOT need even 1/100 of the traffic nightmare that Flagstaff has. Keep Munds a community for RESIDENTS, DON'T turn it into a tourist trap."

"This is a detriment to munds park."

"Airbnb should be treated as a business. They should register as such , pay higher taxes, and there should be limitations on how many can be in one area. They should undergo inspections and have a designated manager who is local and can deal with issues."

"With the. Increasing numbers of folks from Phoenix area they are loving our forest to death.Refuse problems, unrestrained dogs leaving refuse un-picked up, Razor noise and the general attitudes of renters (I’m here for pease and quiet, NOT!)"

"The Airbnb situation would not be so bad if people were not throwing LOUD parties and gatherings until late at night. Also, if they also could respect we have a dark town and would not have very very bright lights on at all hours of the night for their gatherings. I feel like the peace of the people who own homes here and live year around is not being respected at all by the people who are renting the cabins. "

"Munds Park is unique and want to keep it that way. It’s small town USA. No need to grow. We moved here to get away from the city"

"I feel that the airbnb owners take advantage of locals. They want the added income and expect locals to help out, just because they are here year round. When it snows, they still expect cleaners and others to help their renters out, even though the roads are dangerous to be on. Renters should be told that if the garbage can is full, take your extra garbage home and do not put it in someone's garbage can. "


"I believe most STR owners in Munds Park bought a second dream home and are offsetting costs to own it. None of them do not want to ruin their homes and they are properly vetting renters. They also provide employment to cleaners, handy men, etc. I believe most are doing everything they can to be respectful of neighbors and follow the guidelines to ensure safety. Most people I know have rented an str there and fell in love with the area so they bought their own. The property value is higher then ever there and it’s because of this. STR’s are a great thing for the community. Obviously there can be issues with a few bad guests but hosts and neighbors are working together to deter these incidences from happening."

"I think the amount of renters is out of control. I feel like we are going to lose our small town community feel."

"We love Munds for what it is not what it could be with a massive and costly infrastructure update. That is why we chose to BUY and LIVE here. "

"Speeding RVs and renters vehicles Garbage on streets. Not cleaning up after pets. Unleased dogs. Walking or bike riding across the entire street. Light and noise pollution. Constant stream of unknown people into community is a safety issue. Trash and human waste in forest. Not obeying NO BURN DAYS FIRE 🔥 WATER AND SEWAGE OVER USE CUTTING THROUGH PRIVATE PROPERTY. Disturbing the peace. Lack of police patrols. No responsibility towards our community. Poorly unkept rental properties. We bought homes here for peace and quiet and we respect our forest and contribute to the community. I 17 congestion Fire Dept resources cannot cover all additional people and buildings. We don't want more people, RV PARKS, RENTAL CABINS. WE WANT TO PRESERVE OUR QUIET, RESPECTFUL WAY OF LIFE AND RESPECT FOR THE FOREST WE LIVE IN. ENOUGH"

"Only there May thru Oct but look forward to the Pinewood News"

"Concerned about infrastructure to support additional building, cable, phone, water and sewer, police, fire department support. Are these upgrades part of the development of new proposals. Upgrade currently used service?"

"We have an increase in theft with the higher short term rentals. More light /sound noise and pollution."

"Renter bring in revenue to the community "

"Most of us moved here to get away from the maddening crowds, not to bring them to us. If renters respected the peace and tranquillity we have, that would be great but the past increase in renters proves they don’t "

"It is sad to see our long time residents talking about leaving their homes and moving to Texas or other areas. The last four years with the influx of VRBO’s our community is changing. No one can find a long term rental due to the greed of the short term rental owners. They need to rent short term to be able to afford their mortgage. The lenders are doing the same thing they did in the late 1990’s. The bubble will burst and we will see repo’s all over the park. The price the homes are bringing will drop and many of these investors will be upside down with their mortgages. We will be left with ugly black and grey repo’s on every block. It is time for a correction and it will happen. "

"I believe there is a difference between home owners renting their house and a land owner building an rv resort and cabin rentals. The developed land would increase the population of the area exponentially. Current utilities, policing need, fire department, service stations, and restaurant needs are set up for the current population based on the number of homes. If the land in question is developed, everything else would be thrown out of balance. "

"We moved to Munds Park for the quiet, peaceful community. We have VRBO next door with revolving next door neighbors. They are here to party, we are here to live. The side by sides in the summer and on weekends is terrible. Speeding, loud and tearing up our forest. Seems that most visitors have no respect for our community. "

"AirBnBs are destroying our community"

"Strict regulations should be put on those that rent their cabins with more ownership of tenants activities. Constant noise and trash from the one near us. Nothing done to curb that by landlord. "

"We 💕 MP!!"

"The Airbnb have increased traffic. Atv’s. Noise. Many people are selling because of the Airbnb population. It creates a cheap option for people to stay and party and race around and into the forest. It is destroying our community. "

"Outstanding questions. Glad to think that my STR brings value to Munds Park in the way of happy visitors but know that at my rental cabin visitors understand they must be respectful of our community standards. I have rules and believe that we can work together to publicize and defend community standards. Im eager to help create and ensure. "

"Easy to write in all of the above because all those responses are consistent with my opinions. The big contrast will be all of the above versus nothing concerns me. I think this is a start though and results can be used with the county if the county ever considers regulating vacation rentals. However current state law prevents much regulation. If you want more info from me this is margaret dyekman. Thanks for doing this! "

"STOP allowing bars!! You condone alcohol consumption at an alarming rate!! I’ve never met so many alcoholics in one place in my life. I see more alcohol related incidents than anything else combined! The rate of drunk people driving around our neighborhood should be IMMEDIATELY addressed! Alcohol related incidents consume the time of what little law enforcement resources we have! Instead of building more bars, how about we build something we all can use. Expanding the RV park is just straight greed. It invites more off road vehicles to destroy our forests! It will only introduce more problems to those who call this place home. We would like to see the community put before profits. Think to yourself, how would you like this place to be..... how would you like to treat our resources... by building more, you are literally doing what every full time resident fears! It all comes down to either profit, or community.. If they expand the RV park, I’m leaving."

"If you rent your cabin, Don’t advertise it as sleeps 14 and make it cheap turning it into a party cabin.Also pay for trash service so the renters don’t put their trash in owners bins. Educate renters about the rules and burn restrictions. Impose quiet hours at night."

"We have owned our property in Munds Park for 6 years. We have enjoyed the community and also rent out our cabin to help pay for the upgrades to the cabin. I do think most of the folks using their cabins as rentals have put in time and money to make their place beautiful. I also think the rentals have had a positive impact on the local restaurants and local vendors. I think regulating the rentals is important. Making sure there aren’t party houses is important for the community."

"We will consider selling our cabin. Seeing renters next door to us who are loud, leave trash in our yard and leave lights on all night is not tolerable. We bought our cabin to escape the heat in the summer and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Munds, unfortunately it is not a pleasure to come up anymore, we’d rather tolerate the heat and enjoy our peaceful yard in Phoenix. Such a disappointment! "

"I put the blame on rental owners to enforce rules. The rental properties bring more food and entertainment options which is good. ATV noise doesn’t bother me, tearing up the forest does."

"Munds Park is a wonderful community who cares for each other. Strangers/Rentors don't have the commitment or respect that home ownership does. We've owned our home since 1989 & are able to live there part time since we both have retired and we selfishly don't want our peace invaded by noise from renters & their toys such as RVs, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles & such. The home next to us was a rental property for years & it was awful with scummy people. Hard to stop this business but we won't welcome it, no way."

"Renters tend to not care about their neighbors - increase noise and light pollution. I respect owners right to rent but Munds may need additional police presence and noise violation rules."

"Cabin rentals and airbnb's increase will cause a lot of problems like noise, more loose dogs, garbage all over and just no respect for our little town."

"It’s a town full of shanties and trailers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the rental demand. And it’s funny that all the local Trump fans complain that masks encroach on their freedoms but limiting what towery owners can do with their property is a-ok. Hypocrite yokels!"

"None of these questions addressed the other side of tourist and what positive things they bring, like money for all the stores, restaurants and businesses and all the employees that make a living from them."

"I am concerned with the amount of people who come up for vacation, bring their pets, and not watch them. All summer I have to walk my animals on high alert due to frequent animals being off leash without owners on site. The other concern is garbage cans being left out all week after a renter and garbage flying out or being picked at by animals creating a giant mess for locals to clean up. I am for helping out, but I am not into cleaning constantly after others when others are making money."

"The reason I was driven to become part of Munds Park community was the concern for neighbors and the environment around them. I believe the rental market puts the safety of the community and our land at risk. "

"Over population in and around Munds Park will ruin what Munds Park has stood for all these years A place for people to escape to relax and enjoy our beautiful forest. It will harm our forest and the animals that live in and around Munds Park."


"The full time residents don’t provide enough revenue for businesses to stay open year round."

"Airbnb helps drive property values and local economy upward. We need more nice cabins for rentals. If anything the town was underdeveloped and neglected before luxury rentals became popular. "

"I think that all people who rent out cabins should strive to use the local cleaners handy men and services offered in the park it'll help keep eyes on the properties and keep it within the community because us locals who do clean and do work care for the trash on the roads and bins being full and not having crazy loud renters in these homes."

"I am not a fan of the Short term rentals. They bring a lot of disrespect to the full time residents with their loud noisy parties, ATV’s, parking and trash issues. A lot of the short term rentals have lights strung thru the trees and their decks that are on every night 7 days a week that create light pollution and also a nuisance to full time residents. They create safety hazards during snow storms playing in the streets sledding and not watching out for traffic. When they walk, they take up the whole street and don’t move out of the way when traffic is approaching. They are not aware of Fire Restrictions when they are in effect. The owners at times are greedy, disrespectful, and have no respect for the nice quite community that Munds Park used to be, it’s all about the money for them. "

"I'm all about a persons right to utilize thier property the way they see fit. However, if that use infinges on my rights, safety or peace of mind I don't want my only recourse to be to involve law enforcement. I would much rather be able to make the property owner aware of issues directly in the least threatening, least offensive way. I'm not out to embarrass or chastise anyone."

"Coconino County has been warning for years about inadequate water supplies. Where is all of the water going to come from for additional development? Are current homeowners in Munds Park going to be shielded from the additional costs added to the sewer system? I would rather not pay for additions to the infrastructure of the Pinewood Sanitary system brought on by more Park models added in the RV parks. Let's face it, the NEW RV park is going to be 90 percent Park models rather than campers."

"The Airbnb's are really an issue. The constantly evolving new visitors to our neighborhoods come with the lack of knowledge of laws and ordinances. I can almost bet that within 2 hours of arriving, at least one ATV or other motor vehicle will be out on the road revving up and down with kids behind the wheel. Then as it gets dark they build their fires in the middle of fire season, and if anybody says anything to the visitors their responses we were just having fun. Neighborhoods were never meant to be hotels"

"Moved here specifically to avoid all the buildup! Leave our community the way it is!"

"More police (Sheriff’s) for noise and speed limits and fires by campers in no burn times"

"The main road through the park is bumper to bumper side x sides already every weekend. The forest roads are so dusty it's dangerous. We don't even come up on the weekends anymore, just to crowded. So I am completely against more RV parks. "

"As a HOA ever been discussed within Munds Park? I realize it’s a whole other direction but it would make for a cleaner community and less rentals. "

"We believe there needs to be some sort of regulation. We have three B&Bs around our cabin that we’ve owned for 30+ years. It is like living next to Motel six! People come and go every couple of days. Short term rentals Should be banned or heavily taxed!"

"I'm fine with the current RV expansion but another RV park for travelers? Im.not OK with, the current expansion will bring RESIDENTS the proposed new rv park behind the Cheveron will be TRAVELERS AND TRANSIANTS who will not be contributing to our community or have a pride in ownership in our community!"

"Munds Park is a beautiful town and very peaceful, that’s the reason we bought our cabin. We come up often during the winter because it’s very quiet since there are hardly anyone here, compare to the summer. Please sell those lands to a private owner who has the same value like the part timer or full time residents."

"Love the community & mix of longtime community members and vacationers. "

"Your survey feels pro rental/Airbnb. I’m generally pretty open minded, however zoning exists for a reason. Munds Park is a residential community. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not a business mecca (vacation rentals are a business)."

"The short term rentals decrease property values due to the disrespect for property and noise concerns. Having a possible rv park will completely diminish the quaint family community that we all have invested in. Both are a disgrace to our sanctuary, to the place we call home "

"With the two developments, one proposed and the extension of the existing RV/trailer park the quaintness and uniques will be gone and over run by the extra people. Will be sad to see the quiet time disappear. Then there is the one up I 17 eight miles we will be over run. Just wish no more RV OR Sort term would be developed."

"Munds Park to remain the same limit Airbandb numbers."

"I am a homeowner who also rents my cabin. I love MP and all the awesome people! I Love that I can host families so that they can experience the wonderful community! I love that I can help support local residents by helping them earn a living taking care of my guests cleaning and maintenance needs and I encourage my guests to eat at the local restaurants. It’s a win-win!"

"thanks for the survey....interested to see the results"

"We bought a house in Mund’s Park in October and are spending a lot of money and a lot of time renovating it ourselves. We are thrilled to be part of this community and already have great relationships with other homeowners on our street. We are supporting local businesses and those who provide services to this community. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time in Mund’s Park. We also plan to rent our property when we cannot be here to enjoy it. Real estate values in this area have seen tremendous growth, in part because of the income potential for home owners here. We care deeply about the appearance and safety of this community and will enjoy every moment we are here this year. We also need some rental income from this property and look forward to working with other homeowners to find positive solutions to any concerns that arise."

"Renters don’t respect the area like homeowners do"

"The silver lining to all the new short term rentals on the West side of the freeway is that it will hurt the VRBO/Airbnb properties on the East side of the freeway. This will serve to drive down their ability to rent and may not only encourage some sales but may also hopefully get more owners that don’t rent to strangers that do not really care about Munds Park."

"There certainly is an economic benefit to the locals and those who rent out homes. Why such a win win situation is criticized does not seem logical."

"Munds Park is a beautiful community that should be able to be shared by those who live there full time, part time & visitors. I think we should all be more concerned of the cleanliness and rules to keep the community a safe space. Property owners have the right to host & also love the community just as much as a full time renter."

"Seems a little back woods."

"The renters and guests are supporting the small business in Munds. Without them many would not survive. This is the description of tourism. We should welcome all with open arms. They are injecting cash and paying taxes"

"The news of this recent development, has me seriously considering selling after only 1 1/2 yrs. I am barely tolerating the revolving door of my neighbors ARBNB. I don’t not like not knowing who belongs and who doesn’t. I am concerned about safety. And what is the environmental impact?? This will forever change the landscape of what many full timers love about Munds"

"I don’t believe renters take responsibility of their cabin and surroundings like an owner does. Also, staying up late on patios being loud because they are on vacation living it up. Trash barrels overflowing and falling out on streets. "

"Love how home town feel it has. People help each other out in the time of need!"

"I believe that the Airbnb community increases the value of all homes. The Airbnb hosts are owners and want their homes taken care of even more so than a typical owner. Many times the Airbnb homes are better cared for and a closer watch is on them because of the liability a host holds. Personally i love using my home but also appreciate the Airbnb potential for the times i am not there. I am sure to rent to families who will respect the rules of the home and can enjoy all the park has to offer and help sustain the establishments that make it special. The new restaurants would not survive if not for the frequent travelers who bring in revenue."

"Again, I know there will always be some people that don’t respect their neighbors or the community but that can extend to our full time residents as well as part timers and short term rental owners. I think the best start to making Munds to be as good as it can be and preserve its special environment is to stop generalizing and putting neighbor against neighbor. The questions in this survey are written with a very negative bias, that is unfortunate if the desire is to accomplish anything positive."

"As a home owner who also rents out our house when we are not using it, we take great pride in the maintenance of our home as well as thoroughly vetting guests to ensure to the best of our ability that they are families wanting to enjoy the beauty of Munds Park like we do. We do everything we can to discourage renting to people who want to use the home for parties or large gatherings. We also personally support the Munds Park community through donations and charitable givings for locals in need."

"It would be great to have civil forums where full time residents and rental owners can safely and effectively communicate concerns and needs to one another in hopes to reach a middle ground that benefits both."

"The fact of the matter is both need to coexist and both benefit from one another. As Pinewood News is the communication source for the community I would recommend you strive to be neutral and bring both parties together. After all, Airbnb revenue is also paying a good portion of your advertising revenue and we do not need negative media attention that is not warranted. Again, it is always one bad apple that gives the majority of owners like me a bad wrap. Communication is key and that is where Pinewood News can help make a difference."

"You need to specify that your not talking about the rv resort addition but the new application for the rv park behind the church please"

"Maybe highlight how much nicer Munds is becoming and how property values have increased as a result of the boom in residents, etc"

"As a reminder, Airbnb Hosts ARE property owners. So it is ALWAYS in their best interest to take care of their property... To make sure they have good, respectable guests, ect. If you spend any time speaking to the Host Community in Munds, you will find that 1. They are also homeowners that spend a great deal of time in their homes in MP, that they also share. 2. That they care deeply about this community and how it is taken care of, and treated by guests. "

"Property owners should take precautions with who they rent to. Rentals bring much needed money in to the community so they are definitely a positive "

"Please post more photography"

"I feel like big parties over ten should be limited and obviously all airbnb’rs should have rules not allowing loud noise after 10 or large parties"

"Short term rentals bring a lot of funds to this community and just need to be managed responsibility"

"Unless things changed, we have 2 deputies living in MP... Traffic issues will be enormous if new RV Resorts are expanded or built. "

"I love our cabin up here, but hate being here on the weekends because of all the traffic, noise, and lack of concern about our community."

"My husband and I have been here for three years. We bought our place to get away from the traffic and hustle of living down in the valley. We love the quiet, peaceful hometown feel of this community. While we understand this community is growing and there are, and always will be our summer residents and neighbors, whom we love. We Are seeing much more destructive negative activity happening. Like trash, disrespect for our properties and privacy, disrespect for our forest and gods creatures that live in it. A lot of disrespect towards residents. We left the city for these reasons. We have friends and family that come visit us to enjoy nature and to have fun. We don’t want to deny that to anyone. I guess I just wish that people would behave appropriately and respect our property and family and friends."

"We are watching with much concern a change in the atmosphere in MP. We feel as if we are losing our peaceful refuge."

"will be calling sheriff more on owners of rentals on the parties. and the RV expansion means more 4 wheelers flying through our streets. Sheriff will be on speed dial."

"Munds Park needs to worry less about "what our neighbor is doing" and lead by example. Some longtime residents do nothing to improve their properties. "

"The expansion of Munds Park is the worst idea. For those who live here year round, it’s so frustrating having to deal with all the extra tourists and travelers just to “go see the snow” or “beat the heat”. I wish people would treat our town like a town and not a tourist stop"

"Too many of those that rent properties do not provide sufficient trash containers for their renters, causing trash to overflow onto the streets. The RV expansion will destroy the quiet atmosphere that attracted residents of Munds in the first place. It will strain the sanitary department, police and fire protection, internet availability, increase noise pollution and lower property values, while only financially benefiting the owners of these businesses."

"Sadly disappointed. I moved to Munds Park for the “small town” lifestyle not a tourist destination like Sedona."

"I believe the forest and surrounding areas are for all to share. I don't care for Air BnB and VRBO homes, but it is the homeowners right to use the property as they wish. While there are only some that do most of the damage and disrespect to the area, I do wish those guests would do certain things. Don't overflow trash cans. This isn't the city and we have varmints and birds that will make a mess Leave no trace. The only things that should be left are footprints. Stay to the posted trails. Period. Respect the neighboring homes. Real people own them and many live here full time. Be respectful about neighbors. Some of them actually have to go to work in the morning. And above all, be a good human being."

"We all came here as visitors. We cane in an RV for summer weekends, couple years later bought a cabin . Embrace visitors, future owners in the community "

"Need better/fair rule enforcement in the RV park."

The next issue of the Pinewood News will highlight Munds Park groups and organizations that are working hard to make positive, inclusive and welcoming change that benefit us all — The Munds Park way.

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