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  • Tony Merriman

Spring & Summer Weather Outlook

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

By Tony Merriman, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for Coconino County

Spring Outlook (Fire Season)

With a drier and warmer than average end to the winter months, attention is turned to what we can expect for this spring and fire season. The latest fire season outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center show odds tilted in favor of warmer than average temperatures. However, equal chances exist for above, near, or below average precipitation near the Munds Park area during the April-June time period. Granted, April-June is climatologically the driest part of the year, so it does not take many rain/snow events to put an area above average for precipitation during this time of year. As with every spring season, there will also be bouts of windy days, so hold on to your hats!

Defensible space to keep your home fire safe

Now is a great time to ensure you have defensible space around your property in order to protect you and your family from wildfire, if one were to threaten your neighborhood. The following graphic provides guidance for how to create defensible space around your home that could be affected by wildfire. The sooner you plan for fire season, the better prepared you will be.

Summer Outlook (Monsoon Season)

Looking farther ahead to monsoon season, the Climate Prediction Center is indicating odds tilted in favor of wetter than average conditions for portions of central and southern Arizona. Munds Park is right on the fringe of equal chances, but these outlooks can easily shift farther north or south with each subsequent issuance. As is typically the case, the Climate Prediction Center is indicating odds tiled in favor of warmer than average temperatures across Arizona this summer.

Flash flooding is one of the deadliest weather hazards during monsoon season across northern Arizona. Always check the forecast at before you head out. When encountering a flooded roadway, turn around, don’t drown!


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