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Find a Munds Park Facebook Group for You

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Lose a dog or cat, pigs on the loose, Elk on the run, turkeys waddling, strangers wondering, the snow is coming, stuck in the snow, trash is flying, painted rocks to find, painted rocks to hide, flowers are blooming, and the clouds are rolling in, stuff to sale, things to give... all this you can find on Facebook and there is a group for everyone!

Munds Park Arizona Networking Group

This is a great page and totally underutilized. This group is intended for local businesses to share information, make connections and help local companies flourish. It would be great if more local companies used this page.

Munds Park Full-Time Friends & Neighbors

This is a Facebook page dedicated to full-timers of Munds Park. They share information and learn about living in the Park year-round.

Munds Park Barks

If you are a lover of dogs and enjoy sharing and reading stories and funnies about our furry friends, then you will totally enjoy this group.

Munds Park Off-Road

Off-road enthusiast post here—It's a great group of people enjoying the outdoors on wheels!

Munds Park Rocks

This has got to be the friendliest Facebook group in Munds Park! We love this group so much we wrote a blog about it. You can read it here.

Munds Park Swip Swap

Here is where you sell things you no longer need, or buy old items that are new to you. Recycle, repurpose, save a buck!

Munds Park Today

We recently opened up our Facebook feed to allow community posts. It's not a closed group—It's open to the public. If you have a question about a business, service, or community happenings, we and the Munds Park Today community will do our best to assist you.

What's Happening in Munds Park and Around the World

This Facebook group is crazy and not for the faint of heart! Everything is open for discussion—even politics! This is the group where you go when you want unfiltered, uncensored content. Businesses are allowed to advertise and talk to the community freely. The only way you get kicked off this site is if you whine—absolutely no sniveling allowed! One more point, if you want an honest, unfiltered answer to a question or recommendation—this is the place to ask.

It's All About Munds Park

This is an excellent group for online social interaction. However, this Facebook group is heavily monitored—very politically correct. So if you don't like bluntness or politics, and only want content that is finely-pruned by the moderators, this is the place for you. Select businesses are allowed to post twice per month. Don't break the rules, or you will be quickly outed and removed.

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